Computer Forensics or PCPI (Personal Computer Private Investigations)
In knowing our skills and abilities to retrieve lost data for our clients, we've been asked to assist in finding hidden or secret files and data trails on possible bad employee behavior as well as possible cheating spouse situations.  We can also assist in installing stealth spy / tracking software like the award winning Spector Pro that will secretly e-mail you daily summaries of all actions, internet usage, web-sites visited, chat sessions, MySpace usage, e-mail activity, and all instant messaging notes.   In other words, you'll be able to watch most everything that happens on a computer with no one else even knowing that you're doing so!  And if that's not enough or you need to know what has already happened, we can assist in finding lost information, secret files, deleted information, and long gone (or so they thought) e-mail messages or at least some fragments from past messages!
If we can assist in any of the above situations, please let us know!  One thing we can tell you, like indians tracking the cowboys or dogs tracking bad guys, digital data trails, with time, will disappear.  The sooner we're able to look at the computer(s) in question, the more we'll be able to retrieve! As Forensic Services are very time consuming, prices start at $495 per 24 hours of PC scanning and computer research. In that time, in most cases, we'll have retrieved the needed files, missing information or answers you're looking for.
Please call Rob Butler directly at 216-403-1901 any time to discuss your situation.
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Do you need help finding and recovering lost information, hidden or deleted files?
Do you think your spouse is cheating and you need help with finding their data trail or confirming your suspicion?
Are you wondering what your spouse or children are doing on the internet or what is being said on Facebook or in e-mail or instant messaging?
In all of the above, we can help!
Computer Forensics/PCPI
(Personal Computer Private Investigator)
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