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EmployeePC.com Home Computer Services & Rates: (Business Services-click here)
The following discounted computer services are intended for the added benefit and savings for the Employees own home Personal Computer(s) of the businesses and churches Butler Automation Incorporated already serves.  Please understand that these mostly flat-rate service discounts are not available for business or office computers except for some home office/part-time business situations.
Each of the following services are a $95 flat-rate/dicounted charge (which includes a total of up to 60 minutes round-trip travel time as needed).  Payment must be made at time of service by cash or check. Please also understand that multiple services / multiple charges "may" be required depending on your unique situation and computer needs plus how much time is required:
* Anti-Virus/Adware/Spyware assistance including Prevention & Infection/Infestation Removals
* Backup/Restoration assistance to External Hard Drive and/or USB/Flash Disks
* Wireless Networking assistance & High-speed Internet Access including E-mail Setup
* Insurance Inspection and Repair Estimate for Lightning & Storm Damage
* New System or Printer - Basic Installation & Configuration
* Data Transfer assistance from old system to new system
* Software Installation, Troubleshooting & Diagnostics including minor corruption issues
* System Hardware Upgrades as needed including addition of memory or new device
* System Optimization & Performance Improvements to get system running better & faster again
* Reformat & Data Removal (make an old system safe to dispose of and get rid of all personal info)
Crashed Computer or Severe Microsoft Windows Corruption Situation - Extended Hardware and/or Software Diagnostics and Repairs are needed. This service may require us to bring your system back to our shop for extended testing and review and may also require additional parts.  (The CD's that came with your computer will also be required in case of a need to reload Windows.)  Parts and discounted labor will be quoted as needed for this service.  A $95 minimum deposit is required at time of pickup.  Should you elect to not repair the system, the minimum deposit plus a return equipment fee of $35 is due when your system is returned but those will be the only charges rendered.
Disaster Recovery (we average over 90% restoration of lost files & hard drives) - These unique situations often require us to take your computer back to our office for service.  As this service can be very time consuming, a discounted rate will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.  Often, this service is paired up with the above "Crashed Computer" situation for a combined repair quote.
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