Web-site Design, Hosting & E-mail Services including Domain Name Registration & Forwarding plus e-mail Service
We've been doing web-sites focused towards the needs of small businesses, home offices and restaurants since the year 2000.  Our goal with all our web-site projects is that they must earn a great return on investment for their owners and find our clients new business.  We've yet to do a site that hasn't done exactly that! 
All our sites tend to be more informational and heavy photograph based.  If you want shooting stars and flaming logos, we're not your company.  All our projects are started with simplicity in mind as well as attention to an affordable budget.  Our sites are also very search engine friendly knowing that "if you build it, people must find it"!  We go one step past that and try to get your site into all major search engines and often utilize our www.PlacesInTown.com (generating as many as 4,000 visitors daily) web-site to leverage search engine power and placement.
We have done many web-sites over the years with our 3 primary designers, Janet Harvey, Tim Walters and Bryndon Burfine.  Rob Butler also has done many sites himself and takes most of the photography used within the sites personally.  In fact, about 90+% of all the photos taken in all our sites was from his camera!
Please call Rob Butler at 216-403-1901 for a list of web-sites we have done and to discuss your project.
Web-site Design
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